Help and Support

Your NHSP onsite Client Relations team (CRt) is available Monday to Friday to help solve any issues you may have. If you have any queries please visit your local team or contact them using the details on the right.

Applying to Join

NHS Professionals cannot accept C.V.'s for internal corporate vacancies.
Please visit the NHS Jobs website ( to view our corporate
vacancies (which can also be seen here).

Yes, many nurses undertake additional work opportunities through NHS Professionals when substantively employed.

NHS Professionals operates an online application process. Please visit the homepage
of this website and use the profession selector and 'JOIN US' button to begin
your online application.

All applications are subject to basic criteria. Following screening, applicants must satisfactorily complete all pre-employment checks and attend training. Any application that does not satisfy all parts of the recruitment process is deemed unsuccessful.

Contact Us

If you are a Bank Member you can contact us on 03332 407 552


As part of your registration with NHS Professionals (NHSP), you might see changes to your tax code as the NHSP Bank may be seen as your second employer. If you are affected by any changes to your tax code, this has been actioned by the discretion of the tax office (HMRC). See more details about tax and how it affects you.

Online Systems Support

The requestor needs to complete a Web setup request form and forward this to their Trust Liaison Coordinator (TLC). Passwords can be reset online.
All retrospective bookings are to be added online by the Trust.

Terms of Working Practice

If you cancel a shift within four hours of the shift start-time and the assigned flexible worker has arrived at work for this shift, you are required to pay a two hour cancellation fee.

The Bank Network

For bands 2-6 inclusive, staff can wear the uniform that they wear for their permanent role. Bands 7 and above will need to order an NHSP tunic from their local NHSP office.
If you are already registered with NHSP, make sure you are set up to view shifts at member Trusts by Monday 31st July – you can do this online via your My:Bank profile or by contacting your local NHSP Office on the details below: 

East & North Hertfordshire Office: 03330 144 365
Hertfordshire Community Trust: 07810 755 994
West Hertfordshire Office: 01923 217459 

Or via email:

Your local NHSP office will be able to help. Contact details are listed below:

East & North Hertfordshire Office: 03330 144 365

Hertfordshire Community Trust: 07810 755 994

West Hertfordshire Office: 01923 217459 

Or via email:

Staff need to be out of their preceptorship period before they can work on the banks of member trusts.

All staff-groups listed below are eligible, excluding Midwifery & Doctors:

  • Nursing
  • Health Care Sciences
  • Admin & Clerical
  • Support Services
  • Allied Health Professionals

The 3 trusts below are founding members of The Bank Network and we are currently talking to other trusts who are interested in joining.
  • East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
  • West Hertfordshire NHS Trust
  • Hertfordshire Community Trust

Trusts appreciate that staff like to work on the bank of their own trust but also have the opportunity to work bank on other surrounding trusts. Currently the process to work on the bank of another trust can require duplicate processes i.e. pre-employment checks if you are a substantive member of staff, so member trusts have worked together to launch The Bank Network to take away any duplication and enable it to be as easy as possible for staff to work on the banks of member trusts.

The rates of pay are very competitive and from 4th September staff will not be able to work agency shifts within The Bank Network trusts.

Where possible rates have been aligned notwithstanding market forces and geographical differences.

No, your current ID badge from your permanent employer trust will be accepted.

Yes, regardless of which member Trust you work in, you will still be paid weekly (Friday)

If you have the relevant assignment code which the ward or department have requested, you can book into or be booked into a shift by trust staff of a member trust. Your current assignment codes will not change.

Working with NHSP

NHS Professionals works with Agencies selected by their client Trusts. If you want to supply to a Trust please contact the Procurement/Contracts Manager at that Trust.